Are These Pre Market Penny Stocks On Your Radar Right Now?

4 Penny Stocks To Watch After Recent News Sparks Market Momentum

penny stocks chart volume
penny stocks chart volume

The premarket hours are back in the red again on Wednesday. But we’re seeing plenty of penny stocks shine. The fact that most small-cap stocks are disconnected from the overall market trend is something I think is overlooked. While not all penny stocks will respond this way, many do. Of the ones that don’t, there’s usually a much broader and stronger sector trend pushing or pulling in one direction or the other.

We saw this today with several of the breakout, midstream oil stocks that were moving hugely in after-hours trading on Tuesday evening. While the moves didn’t make sense due to oil prices tumbling, those penny stocks moved explosively higher.

But much like the rest of the year, overnight volatility is something you can almost bank on. When traders woke up on Wednesday morning, they were greeted with a big COVID slap in the face. New cases, fears of more lockdowns, and, oh no, Chicago isn’t letting people eat indoors. Is this history repeating itself? Obviously, time will tell but surging coronavirus cases definitely bring back that market volatility that we saw earlier this year.

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So where could the focus be next? If you remember back when the pandemic first started going mainstream, we saw several industries thrive. This included biotechnology, tech, and really anything else, company-specific, that would succeed amid shutdowns. This is where we all met “Zoom” as a means for social interaction and understood how Shopify could become the standout in online retail order processing. Amazon jumped and plenty of biotech stocks soared. Will that be the case this time around?

Penny Stocks To Watch: miRagen Therapeutics Inc.

Another one of the biotech penny stocks to watch is miRagen Therapeutics Inc. ( MGEN Stock Report). We’ve discussed the company a few times here and there. But most recently, MGEN stock had been under selling pressure. This came after the company announced Phase 2 lymphoma data lacked compelling results for the study’s primary endpoint.

This week, however, the sentiment is much different. The company announced the completed acquisition of Viridian Therapeutics, Inc. This is a privately held biotechnology company focused on advancing new treatments for patients with underserved diseases. What’s more, miRagen entered into a definitive agreement for the sale of Series A non-voting convertible preferred stock in a private placement to a group of institutional accredited investors led by Fairmount Funds Management LLC with participation from some big names in biotech financing.

This included Venrock Healthcare Capital Partners, BVF Partners L.P., Cormorant Asset Management, Perceptive Advisors, Wellington Management, Ally Bridge Group, Logos Capital, Surveyor Capital (a Citadel company), Commodore Capital, and Ridgeback Capital. The private placement is expected to result in gross proceeds to miRagen of approximately $91 million.

The company will use funds to study its lead candidate, VRDN-001 as a potential treatment for patients with thyroid eye disease. Pending feedback from regulatory authorities, miRagen expects to initiate a Phase 2 clinical trial of VRDN-001 in TED in 2021.

penny stocks to watch right now stock chart
penny stocks to watch right now stock chart

Penny Stocks to Watch: RealNetworks Inc.

We discussed RealNetworks Inc. ( RNWK Stock Report) on Tuesday citing unrest in Philadelphia. The penny stock surged in volume and price late Tuesday afternoon. While there weren’t headlines, some speculation cited potential sympathy from the civil unrest in the city from police-related headlines.

The company’s SAFR is a facial recognition platform for live video intelligence. Utilizing AI technology, it can help monitor occupancy, face mask detection, or touchless entry control. SAFR can also be deployed on-premises or in the cloud. How SAFR could be playing off of these latest headlines is via its use as a means for enhancing security. But there are more applications for the technology as we’ve seen from Wednesday’s announcement.

RealNetworks announced improved face detection and recognition accuracy for both masked and unmasked faces with the release of SAFR 3.0. This version introduces a new default high sensitivity face detector.

“SAFR’s accuracy improvements will enable customers to deploy face-based contactless secure access without requiring removal of PPE and ensure persons of interest and registered VIPs don’t go unrecognized while wearing face masks,” said Brad Donaldson, VP Computer Vision, SAFR. Will this news help spark another round of momentum? However, with COVID headlines buzzing today, it could be one of the penny stocks to watch.

Penny Stocks To Watch: Titan Pharmaceutical Inc.

Sticking with the trend in biotech, Titan Pharmaceutical Inc. ( TTNP Stock Report) hit scanners early on Wednesday. The company announced a definitive asset purchase agreement with JT Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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They are a peptide drug development company. Through the deal, Titan plans to acquire JT Pharma’s kappa opioid agonist peptide, JT-09, for use in combination with Titan’s ProNeura® long-term, continuous drug delivery technology. These treatment targets chronic pruritus.

“We are looking forward to conducting additional preclinical studies to establish proof-of-concept with data available in the first half of 2021.”

Dr. Kate DeVarney, President and Chief Operating Officer of Titan

Something to keep in mind is the overall trend with TTNP stock. Shares just recently hit a new 52-week low. Furthermore, despite a few “good days” here and there, the overall trend this year has been bearish for Titan. Will this latest acquisition news finally turn things around or is this another head-fake for traders?

penny stocks to watch
penny stocks to watch

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